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By phone: 0779 044 1859

You can contact me to discuss your situation at any time, leaving a message including your name and a contact phone number. I'll return your message at my earliest opportunity.

If you wish, we can then arrange for an initial consultation. During this time, we can find out whether the psychotherapy I offer is suitable to your needs and if we both feel we can work together.

Or you may wish to contact me on email


Telephone: 0779 044 1859

Both email and telephone are dedicated

to the practice.

Emails are checked once daily, Monday-Friday during normal working hours and will be answered at the

earliest opportunity. 


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from Instagram @ 'not so smug now'  Feb 22           

 Jolyon Maugham QC talks to Tim Adams

The OBSERVER , The New Revie​w, 22/11/20



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